GRC Gala Dinner – 20:00, 20.11.2021, Nammos restaurant, Dubai

$200.00 excl. transaction

The Gala Dinner is one of the most awaited events during the Global Regenerative Congress. It is a place to meet and speak in close with one of the most renowned names in Regenerative Medicine. This could be the start of your new passion or the beginning of a new fruitful partnership. Don’t miss it!
We choose the perfect place for it:  NAMMOS DUBAI
Be there at 20:00 on the 20.11.2021.
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Are you ready for the Nammos Restaurant experience? Tantalizing tastes enlivened with the most exquisite ingredients man can find and the prolific genius of the Nammos’ chefs. On the core of all the Nammos’ culinary creations is the zeal and devotion to great food paired with the most eclectic ambiance. A visit to the Nammos Restaurant can only be described as a love at first bite experience!



Join us in the Nammos edible adventure, where every dish is homage to the succulent treasures of the sea. Join us to the meeting point of some of the world’s most elite restaurants. Join us to the vanguard of gastronomy, where food becomes an objet d’art and dining a transcendent affair. Join us to the restaurant you’ll never want to leave.