Application of PRP in Regenerative Dermatology – manipulation and demonstration

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The application of Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) in Medicine is seeing an enormous growing since the first’s publications in orthopedics. In Dermatology, the treatment with PRP in clinical situations is also growing but it is in the aesthetic field that the application is more popular, particularly in the model called “Vampire Facelift”, in which the autologous administration of a concentrated platelets fraction seems improve skin function, by release and degranulation of growth factors and cytokines. There are several papers talking about the improvement in elasticity, roughness, pigmentation and microcirculation. Although patients seem to be very pleased, scientific doubts about the PRP effectiveness remain.

P.R.P as a method was described for the 1st time in 1954. It is being used widely in medicine since the late1980’s.

Nowadays, it’s being used in aesthetics for two main indications: skin rejuvenation, where it is injected in a mesotherapy technique, and for female & male androgenetic alopecia.

When we talk about the characteristics of ideal dermal filler, we usually mention the following:

PRP is the only material that complies with all the criteria, and that’s why – in my opinion – it is going to be the filler of the future.





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