2nd Global Regenerative Congress

Dubai, UAE 18-20 September 2020

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The Global Regenerative Congress, DUBAI is the second world congress in Regenerative Medicine.

It will be held between 18th and 20th of September 2020. Early bird registrations are now open! 

Key panels will be Regenerative Orthopedics – PRP and BMAC harvesting, applications in Pain management, Cartilage and Bone regeneration, Regenerative and Aesthetic Gynecology, Regenerative Urology, Regenerative Dermatology and Hair Restoration, Regenerative Neurology, Basic Science in Regenerative Medicine, Wound care etc…

Hands-on trainings will be also available in the field of Orthopedics, Gynecology, Urology, Dermatology and HT.

Atending this event you will know how to practice Regenerative Medicine into your clinical work.  You will become part of the community which through the Academy will support your future as a regenerative practitioner. Moreover you will be able to gain practical experience with live patient hands-on trainings and even live surgeries!

Speakers greeting you to GRC 2020 Dubai!



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Prelimminary program
 Official opening 
 Global Regenerative Academy - from science to practice
 PANEL. Basic Science in Regenerative Medicine
SerbiaM.D.Dzihan Abazovic(to be announced)
TurkeyProf. M.D.Gamze Torun KöseTissue Engineering Applications in cartilage, bone and nerve TE
SpainM.D.Garber MiguelBench to bedside: Current advances in regenerative medicine.
SwedenM.D. PhDBehnam SadeghiPlacenta derived decidua stromal cells (DSC), a promising source for cell therapy in acute inflammatory disorders
SloveniaPhDMiomir KnezevicMSCs and advanced therapies - promises and reality
 PANEL. Regenerative Orthopedics. Cartilage Regeneration
TurkeyProf. M.D.Tahsin BeyzadeogluCartilage Regeneration Techiniques in Orthopedic Surgery
ItalyProf. M.D.Stefano Zanasi(to be announced)
TurkeyProf. M.D.Murat BozkurtCurrent treatment strategies for cartilage repair
PolandM.D.Bartolomei BobojcEarly results of conservative treatment moderate stage of meniscus injuries and early degenerative disorders with the use of dry needling and PRP injections under USG control; Wharton Jelly MSC and regeneration of cartilage in the knee.
CroatiaProf. M.D.Dragan PrimoracThe Future of Cartilage Repair
CroatiaProf. M.D.Alan IvkovicBone Marrow lesions and Regenerative treatment strategies
TurkeyProf. M.D.Reha TandoganJoint preserving surgery in the middle aged arthritic knee: The role of orthobiologics
UKM.D. PhDWasim Khan(to be announced)
ItalyM.D.Fabio Valerio SciarrettaAdipose Tissue and Stem Cells in Cartilage Repair with LIPO AMIC technique
 PANEL. Bone Regeneration
ItalyProf. M.D.Darin Ferdinando(to be announced)
 PANEL. PRP in Regenerative Orthopedics
ItalyM.D.Marco LiccardoPRP in orthopaedics. Is it actually an effective weapon?
USAM.D.Rowan Paul(to be announced)
IndonesiaM.D.Arif SoemarjonoMusculoskeletal Sports Injuries and Regenerative Rehabilitation
 PANEL. Regenerative Dermatology and Hair Restoration
TurkeyMD,FISHRS, ABHRS Tayfun OguzogluRegenerative therapies in Hair Loss and Hair Transplant surgery
IsraelM.D.Tzachi ShelkovitzThe Use of Follicular Hair Stem Cells for Hair Restoration 
Saudi ArabiaM.D. FRCP, FAADShadi Zari(to be announced)
PortugalM.D.Leonor Girão(to be announced)
 PANEL. Regenerative and Aesthetic Gynecology; Anti-aging and hormone therapy
USAM.D.Carolyn De LuciaExosomes and Their Role in Cosmetic Gynecology
 PANEL. Plastic surgery and Regenerative Medicine
SerbiaM.D.Katarina Anđelkov(to be announced)
GreeceM.D. MSc PhDAris SterodimasAdipose Tissue Engineering: The use of Adipose Derived Stem Cells in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery


 PANEL. Neurology and Pain management
PolandM.D.Magdalena Chroscinska KrawczykStem cells in child neurology - new hope...?
SpainMD. PhD. APMCM. FSNA. FSCTA.Ernesto CidranesStem Cells in Back Pain (Epidural Space, Spine, Facet & SI join)

IndiaM.D.Himanshu Bansal(to be announced)
SerbiaProf. M.D.Dusan Maric(to be announced)
 PANEL. Regenerative Urology
UAEM.D.Shawket AlkhayalThe Use of PRP in Penile Regeneration for Erectile Dysfunction 
 M.D.Mohamed ELKHOULY(to be announced)
SpainMD. PhD. APMCM. FSNA. FSCTA.Ernesto CidranesStem Cells and Shockwaves for Erectile Dysfunction: New Men Protocol
 PANEL. Wound care and Regenerative Medicine
SerbiaProf. M.D.Dusan VuceticPlatelet gel in regeneration of chronic wounds



Basic Science in Regenerative Medicine

M.D. Dzihan Abazovic

Prof. M.D. Gamze Torun Köse

M.D. Garber Miguel

Miomir Knezevic, PhD

Regenerative Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

Prof. M.D. Tahsin Beyzadeoglu

Prof. M.D. Stefano Zanasi

Prof. M.D. Alan Ivkovic

Prof. M.D. Reha Tandogan

M.D. PhD Nenad Lujić

M.D. Rowan Paul

Prof. M.D. Darin Ferdinando

Prof. M.D. Murat Bozkurt

M.D. Marco Liccardo

Prof. M.D. Dragan Primorac

M.D. Bartłomiej Bobójć

M.D. Fabio Valerio Sciarretta

M.D. Wasim Khan

M.D. Bartolomei Bobojc

Regenerative Dermatology and Hair Restoration

MD, FISHRS, ABHRS Tayfun Oguzoglu

M.D. Tzachi Shelkovitz

M.D. FRCP, FAAD Shadi Zari

M.D. Leonor Girão

Regenerative and Aesthetic Gynecology; Anti-aging and Hormone therapy

M.D. Carolyn De Lucia

Plastic surgery and Regenerative Medicine

M.D. Katarina Anđelkov

M.D. Aris Sterodimas

M.D. Jeremy Magalon

Regenerative Neurology and Pain management

M.D. Magdalena Chroscinska Krawczyk

MD. PhD. APMCM. FSNA. FSCTA. Ernesto Cidranes

M.D. Himanshu Bansal

Prof. M.D. Dusan Maric

Regenerative Urology

M.D. Shawket Alkhayal


M.D. Abbas Khadra

MD. PhD. APMCM. FSNA. FSCTA. Ernesto Cidranes

Wound Care and Regenerative Medicine

Prof. M.D. Dusan Vucetic


Special offer until end of 2019




you get full access to all panels.

Venue and accommodation

Dubai is the largest city of the federation and is located on the sheikhdom’s central Persian Gulf coast.

The city’s deepwater port, the oil industry, international trade and business, and tourism are economically important; it also is a gold- and diamond-trading hub. The sheikhdom is one of the world’s largest international air travel hubs and a regional center for international corporate headquarters and computer and media companies. There are elaborate hospitality, shopping, and entertainment facilities.

Modern highrises dominate the city of Dubai; the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world.

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